whypcbWhy HPCB ?

We asked our clients what was important for them when considering HPCB as a PCB supplier in this competitive market. They said…


On time full batch delivery with good quality

  • It is very important to our business that if we order a batch of boards for a certain date, we actually receive a full batch on that date.  HPCB does this time and time again, they will pull out all the stops to offer total customer satisfaction.
  • It is very rare that we have production problems with the PCB’s that HPCB supply us.

Excellent Service supports

  • They have the ability to produce fast turn-around production, even offering a 24 hour production service as well as normal mass production services; HPCB can offer us a one stop service for all our PCB needs.
  • The communication between us and HPCB is excellent, the guys in the Hong Kong head office are switched on and what they say happens.
  • We receive quotes within a very short time scale and the pricing is honest and consistent.

Flexible and capable management

  • Their manufacturing plant keeps up with the ever increasing technical demands of our designers.
  • The production is much more flexible compared with some larger PCB suppliers I’ve debt with in China, they are more hungry for success and keeping the customer satisfied.


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