Environmental Policy

HPCB is a manufacturer of high quality printed circuit boards. In pursuing its business activities, the company aims to meet all necessary regulatory and consent requirements relevant to these activities.

HPCB has established an environmental management system and, through continual improvement, the company aims to minimise environmental impact and strive for sustainability by….

  • Regularly assessing the local and global impact of the company’s activities.

  • Regularly setting objectives and targets and, by establishing appropriate management programs, monitoring and reviewing progress.

  • Selecting environmentally sympathetic processes, operating policies to minimize waste and energy-use, and by using recycling schemes.

  • Managing buildings, equipment, processes and substances in an environmentally sensitive manner to ensure prevention of pollution.

  • Establishing and maintaining emergency procedures to minimize the effects of environmental incidents.

  • Fostering and maintaining an environmental awareness in employees, suppliers and customers by training, discussion and communication.

  • Reviewing and revising this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

These commitments begin with the Managing Director and the management team, and are paramount requirements throughout the Company.



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